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SewLab USA is a Baltimore-based manufacturing company that provides superior quality soft goods constructed from sustainably sourced materials.

We give our customers personalized service, innovative-designs, and inspirational solutions. We believe in truly listening to our customers and tailoring our products to suit their needs, allowing us to grow and adapt our techniques to an ever-changing marketplace.

We are committed to the fundamental importance and intrinsic value of Made in America. The spirit of SewLab USA lies in the steadfast history of manufacturing in the USA: quality products conscientiously constructed, not just by laborers but by highly trained artisans who are dedicated to their craft and their craftsmanship.

We are humble, yet confident in our abilities. We are innovative. We are constant and unwavering, in our commitment to our customers, our community, our industry, and our planet.

Our Team:


Jeremiah Jones & Cecilia Grimm

Cecilia and Jeremiah met in Brooklyn in the early 2000s and have been collaborating in life and work ever since. They welcomed a daughter, Addy, in 2013, and at the ripe age of 3 she became SewLab USA's Chief Adventure Officer (she keeps everyone on their toes, and reminds them to keep a lighthearted state of mind.)

Both Cecilia and Jeremiah have backgrounds in art and manufacturing. Jeremiah began sewing and constructing around 1998. Shortly after beginning an apprenticeship, he developed a mindset that centered around the question... “Why buy something if I can make it?” Hence, SewLab USA was born. His vision is to create a space that is simple, clean, centered around family values, and most importantly, a teaching environment. Jeremiah has strategically and purposefully built a team of talented individuals who also have independent ventures. He wants SewLab USA to be a catalyst for for job creation, education, and creativity. SewLab USA is reminder of an industrial spirit that once was widespread throughout Baltimore. It is a small company, but one with a huge heart.

SewLab USA builds on the rich foundation and the international enthusiasm for quality goods Made in the USA.

Arvay Adams

A seasoned manager, Arvay has worked in soft goods for the larger portion of his life. In addition to working at SewLab, Arvay established and has maintained his own brand, This Sporting Life, for 7 years. The brand pays homage to all-things historically relevant to sports and the sporting lifestyle.

Jerrill Sankey

A self-taught seamster, Jerrill has a magnetic personality that keeps the spirit of the shop at its peak. He has experience in graphic design and drawing, and specializes in millinery. His 4 year brand, Creative King, is carried in many local shops and has a strong online following.

Jess Turner

A lover of many things and an aspiring princess, Jess started sewing when she was ten and has been obsessed with it ever since. Jess brings a creative mind to all projects and possess many skills that are priceless to the team.

Sarah Culler

A native of Baltimore for over twenty years, Sarah is one of our most valuable team members. Sarah brings the very critical skill of attention to detail. She is a quality control specialist and makes sure that everything that comes through our shop exceeds all expectations.